VAHTI 4b/2013 Personnel Information Security Instructions


Information security is based on legislation, regulations and agreements. Everybody, including you, is responsible for information security and for mastering basic skills in this area. Security and information security as part of comprehensive security largely depend on choices made by individual persons in a variety of everyday situations.

These information security instructions are meant for:

  • Public administration staff when using equipment and services
  • Those mandated to perform assignments for the public administration (such as employees of service providers)
  • Those who regularly use information systems and facilities of public agencies (such as trainees and students)

These instructions may also be used in organisations other than public administration, where applicable. They include key information security principles and give advice on how to ensure information security at work and in other practical situations.

The Government ICT Centre Valtori (former Government IT Shared Service Centre) created an online training course to complement these instructions. The course is currently only available in government organisations. Your organisation´s information security officer will know if the course is available at your workplace. If you come up with good ideas about how information security could be improved, please tell your organisation’s information security officer or your supervisor about it!

Updated: 8.6.2020