JHS recommendations (abolished)

The JHS recommendations were prepared together by central government and the municipalities between 1992 and 2019. The recommendations were approved by the Advisory Committee on Information Management in Public Administration (JUHTA) and their preparation was guided and directed by the JHS Division (an expert division from 2016 to 2019) operating under JUHTA.

On this page, you will find the JHS recommendations (.doc versions) as they were on 1 January  2020, when the JHS system was abolished after the entry into force of the Act on Information Management in Public Administration.

The content of the recommendations may still be used, while bearing in mind that some parts of them are no longer up to date. You will find the language versions by changing the navigation language at the top of the page. Support for using the recommendations is no longer available. 

The different responsible authorities assess the extent to which the content of JHS recommendations can still be used as part of their instructions. Up-to-date instructions for information management are available in the Information Management Board's recommendations on the Information Management Board website.

Updated: 14.4.2022