4/2009 Information Security Instructions for Personnel


Information security is based on legislation and standards. Responsibility for information security and related expertise lies with everyone, including you. These information security instructions are intended for public administration personnel, those working on public administration assignments (e.g. service providers) and people regularly using its information systems or premises (e.g. students). These instructions can also be used where applicable in other public administration organisations.

These instructions summarise the basic issues of information security. They provide guidance on the implementation of information security in everyday work and in other practical situations. An effort has been to write these instructions so that they are suitable for as many organisations as possible. Each organisation may, however, owing to the special nature of its operations, have exceptions, additions and clarifications to these instructions, which naturally should be complied with. Moreover, should you think of a good idea to improve information security, take the initiative and propose it within your organisation.

Updated: 8.6.2020