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Maria Vuorensola
23.10.2019 - 07:41
Photo: VRK
The needs of Finland’s abundant and diverse public sector challenge us to develop support for the development of public digital services. How do we develop Suomidigi, the self-sustaining service that supports public sector employees and the developers who work for the public sector?

If we want to provide support for the development of public digital services, we need to have a good understanding of the different ways in which digitalisation is understood in Finland. We must have first-hand knowledge of upcoming trends, changes and the Government’s inputs. We must also be familiar with the administrative branches of central government and the municipal sector. And not only with the organisations, but also with the people behind their operation. I believe that trust, approachability and being present are essential elements in succeeding in doing this, and we have already made a good start.

At the International Design in Government conference organised in Rotterdam in November, we will speak to an international audience and shed light on how public digital services are developed in Finland. We will talk about how the laws passed to promote digitalisation challenge us in the context of a changing world, and what kind of joint and award-winning (!) solutions we have developed to harmonise the digital service experience in the public sector.

We will of course talk about the currently ongoing development work on Suomidigi but also about the other side of the web service, the community. We have wanted to create a community that is our point of contact to the operators in the public sector. It is extremely important that we keep ourselves up to date on the everyday work of those operators and understand what they do; that we are familiar with the ongoing development projects and the challenges related to the development work. This way we can improve our own operation and ensure that our services genuinely help public servants, project workers and developers in Finland.

We believe that we can provide an international audience with new perspectives on how digital public services are developed in Finland. At the same time, we are looking forward to gaining new knowledge and ideas to share with our community.


Photo: Anna-Riitta Lund


Maria Vuorensola works as a Service Design Specialist in Population Register Centre.

Maria Vuorensola


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